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 Measure your fat, muscle, and water levels in less than a minute

No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test.

The InBody Test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance. The human body is composed of four components - body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat. These components of the human body closely relate to the status of our health. 

Using the principle of bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA, small currents are applied throughout the body and the voltage is measured to get a value called resistance, or impedance. Electrical currents flow throughout the water in the body and measure the amount of resistance the current encounters as it travels. 

Using this cutting edge technology, body composition analysis including muscle-fat analysis, visceral fat level, lean body mass, and total body water, can be measured to assist you in individualizing your weight loss efforts and targeting in which areas to improve.

The InBody test is conducted as a part of the weight management consultation. 


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