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Post Surgery

Why measuring resting metabolic rate is important during the weight loss period of bariatric surgery?

As weight drops so does the resting metabolic rate and caloric needs need to be adjusted. Management by measuring each individual caloric needs is the scientific and more effective way to manage weight loss during the post op period assuring a succesful outcome.

Consistent follow-up care with a physician nutrition specialist and registered dietitian is a vital component of successful surgery outcomes. Postoperative nutrition counseling may address issues such as food intolerances, challenges in implementing healthful eating habits, adequacy of the diet in meeting basic nutritional needs, and adherence to vitamin and mineral supplementation, all while providing a platform for the patient’s unique questions and concerns. A post-op visit will follow in one month.  At this time, diet progression and nutritional adequacy will be discussed, based on food and fluid records kept throughout the first month. 

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At Metanu Center we recommend:

  • Prevention of Complications

  • Measurement of Resting Metabolic Rate to guide caloric needs

  • Healthy Eating

  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation

  • Exercise

  • Lifestyle Changes

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