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At our medical weight loss clinic in Morristown, NJ, we use technology and knowledge to help you reach your goals. Measuring your metabolic rate is the best way to know YOUR metabolism and understand your true needs. Although most overweight people have normal or higher than normal metabolism, measuring your metabolic rate will screen for those who may struggle with a slow metabolic rate so their nutrition prescription can be adjusted accordingly. For those with normal metabolism, seeing that their bodies can indeed burn calories can be very encouraging and motivating. At METANU, our personalized, multidisciplinary medical weight loss programs provide diet and lifestyle changes to support your unique weight loss issues.

Optifast Program

About Dr. Carla Dicenzo-Flynn

Dr. Flynn is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Obesity and as a Physician Nutrition Specialist.  She is the Founder and Director of Metanu Center, a metabolic nutrition center in Morristown, NJ. Dr. Flynn is a medical doctor with extensive education and training in nutrition. She has extensive experience in the treatment of all nutrition-related disorders.  As a nutrition doctor, she specializes in medical weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, bariatric nutrition, osteoporosis, and nutrition support

 (parenteral and enteral nutrition), cancer nutrition, and gastrointestinal disorders, including celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Dr. Flynn is also a consultant at Morristown Memorial Hospital for all related nutrition disorders and nutrition support.