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Telemedicine guide

Telemedicine guide

Virtual visits that take place in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Telemedicine Q&A

Telemedicine Q&A

Video Chat FAQ For Patients
Q: What is a Video Chat visit?
A: Video Chat visits are doctor appointments that are conducted through video
technology. They are scheduled by your doctor, much like your office visits. Instead of
coming into the office for your appointment, you stay home and use your smartphone to
see and talk to your physician/provider.
Q: What should I expect with a Video Chat visit?
A: During your Video Chat visit, you will use your mobile device (phone or tablet)
camera and audio. You will be able to see and talk to your physician/provider, and they
can see and hear you. If you use other social media tools like Skype or Facetime, this
will feel familiar. Unlike those applications however, Updox video chat is HIPAA
compliant and secure, meaning that your conversation is private, and cannot be
breached or seen by third parties.
There is no registration desk to check in for your appointment. Your physician/provider’s
office will likely contact you prior to your appointment to explain the process, telling you
when to expect the invitation link.
Invites are sent by text message or email. To join:
Click the link on the text message or email.
Click Allow webcam/camera.
Click Allow microphone.
Updox will check your device and browser for compatibility. If there are any issues, you
will be provided with an explanation. Please contact your physician/provider’s office for
further assistance.
If there are no issues, you will be taken to the Video Chat room within ten seconds (or
you can tap the green “Join” button to go immediately).

Why telehealth?

Why telehealth?

It is safe for you and our staff and allows you to visit with Dr Flynn in a similar manner as if you were in person.

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