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From the Farm to Your Table

Locally grown, fresh produce has been long available for purchase at local farmer’s markets, but farm-raised meat is becoming increasingly popular. Fresh, local and hormone-free, farm-raised meat is an option for those who embrace sustainable agriculture and fresh and seasonal food, as well as knowing the source of their food, or food traceability. Choosing to consume local, grass-fed meat also has nutritional benefits. Studies have found numerous health benefits to choosing local, grass-fed products, including increased levels of vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant, as well as lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. Grass-fed meat has also been found to have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, isomers, which may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

Want to know where you can purchase locally raised meat and poultry? The Daily Record highlighted a few farms in Central New Jersey who sell their own raised meat directly to consumers:

Profeta Farms

803 U.S. Highway

202 Readington, NJ 08822


Lima Family Farms

826 Amwell Road, Hillsborough


Beiler’s Fresh Meats

4437 Route 27 (Kingston Mall), Princeton


Griggstown Farm

484 Bunker Hill Rd. Princeton


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